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FCI Headquarters


FCI was founded in 1964 in Canoga Park, California area, in 1980, relocated to San Marcos, California (near San Diego). In 1993 FCI opened an additional Sales and Service Center in the Netherlands.

FCI is a worldwide leader in gas mass flowmeters, flow and level switch products for industrial process and plant applications. FCI specializes in proven flow technologies such as Thermal Dispersion and Coriolis that provide direct mass flow measurement with wide turndown ratios with superior accuracy and repeatability.

With over 40 years of operation and over 400,000 instruments in service throughout the world, FCI has no equal as the leading supplier of Thermal Dispersion sensing solutions for liquids, gases and slurries.


theory of operation

Theory of Operation

The typical sensing element contains two thermowell-protected Resistance Temperature Detectors (platinum RTDs). When placed in the process stream, one RTD is heated and the other RTD senses the process temperature.

The temperature difference between the two RTDs is related to the process flow rate as well as the properties of the process medium. Higher flow rates or denser media cause increased cooling of the heated RTD and a reduction in the RTD temperature difference.




FCI produces a broad range of air and gas flowmeters, mass flowmeters, flow sensors, flow transmitters, liquid flow switches, liquid level sensors and flow conditioner products suitable for even the most demanding environments.

From standardized products to custom sensor assemblies for OEM applications, from small-line, single gas applications to large stacks and flares with mixed variable gases, from fuel line flow to gear box oil levels FCI flow and level measurements systems are installed throughout the world. The FCI product families are listed below.



FCI has developed the largest privately owned flow facility in the country. The Facility is a world class flow and level calibration facility in which all calibrations are performed in gases or liquids utilizing only N.I.S.T. traceable equipment and instrumentation.

FCI is very proud of it’s quality systems that meet the requirements of MIL-STD-45662A, ANSI/NCSL Z-540 and ISO EN17025. The facility is continually being improved, expanded and upgraded to meet our customers increasing requirements.


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